CAVALEIRO NEGRO” lyrics explore the imagery idea of a knight riding his horse while trying to find meaning in love. The music emphasizes this concept through subtle rhythmic and harmonic variations. Music, lyrics, and acoustic guitar by Julio Munhoz.                          Sound engineer:  Fabio Ferreira (Studio Mix, Brazil).


Cavaleiro Negro - Music film
Cavaleiro Negro até o sol    quer amar,                         quer sonhar...                
Sua espada ao vento        risca o ar                          Busca no galope          alguém pra amar                                    ao luar ...    ao luar                     ao luar...

The album A COR DAR encompasses world music and Brazilian pop combined with a hint of chamber music. Original songs composed by filmmaker and musician Julio Munhoz in the voice of Giovana Bervian, debuting her first solo album. 

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